Anderson Digital strives to deliver content to impress. We create film and music video productions to the highest of quality, which ensures satisfaction with our clients. We enjoy telling thought-provoking stories through our beautiful visuals and artistic integrity.

Founded in 2012 by director of photography Tom Anderson, we are building our production slate to achieve greater success in the industry. Tom is currently attached to multiple feature films in development, while also shooting various short films and music videos day-to-day.

Here at Anderson Digital, we have a strong working relationship with talented directors and producers. Do you have a story to tell? Feel free to contact us to see how Anderson Digital will help give your production a professional touch.


Tom Anderson

Tom has amassed a large portfolio of both cinematography and director credits, which had enabled him to turn his hand to any genre of film and create something that is completely unique and of the highest quality. Tom’s skills as a director of photography are shown through his original style of lighting, his incredibly professional yet creative approach and his commitment to capturing real human emotion through the art of film, which has resulted in a plethora of happy employers and investors including ITV, Spinnin’ Records, The British Film Institute, King of Crime and many more. Tom welcomes any project that arises with a professional and positive attitude and always goes the extra mile to make sure it is completed to the highest standards

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